Minnesota Ice Bergs

Written by Welcome on January 10, 2020

The Minnesota Ice Berg

It is January in Minnesota and we are in the middle of Winter. How could there be Ice Bergs in Minnesota? Well, these are not ice bergs by definition. They are the Minnesota version of ice bergs. How does this occur and how does it affect you? First it snows. Next the snow is plowed into piles forming snow banks. After days of snow melt, snow compacting, and refreeze. These snow banks morph into what I call the Minnesota ice berg. As an auto body shop we see the direct affect these Minnesota ice bergs have on vehicles. Imagine it is 10 degrees below zero. You pull into a parking spot and lightly bump into a Minnesota ice berg. You hear a crack and that plastic bumper shatters like fine crystal. That is how so many plastic bumpers get damaged in our harsh winter months. This costs Minnesotans and the insurance industry thousands of dollars. So when you are pulling into a parking space don’t be like the Titanic. Steer clear of what appears to be a harmless snow bank and avoid those Minnesota ice bergs.

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