Auto Glass Replacement

Due to High demand for collision repairs we are not available for auto glass replacement at this time. If your vehicle is here for collision repairs, we would be happy to replace your windshield at that time if needed. Thank you for your understanding. If you’d like a referral to an Auto Glass Company just ask.

Do you have a crack in your windshield?  Let the auto body professionals at Latuff Brothers replace your windshield for you.  Our technicians are all trained and certified to safely replace your windshield, especially in our cold Minnesota climate.  1.  Simply contact your auto insurance provider and let them know you’d like your windshield replaced at Latuff Brothers Auto Body in St. Paul, MN.  2.  Your insurance company will send us the information needed to process the glass claim.  3.  Schedule the glass replacement and leave your vehicle with us for the day.  We can provide free shuttle service to your home or work in the Twin Cities Metro area, rent a car at a discounted rate, or hop on the Green Line and explore all the wonderful shops and restaurants the City of St. Paul has to offer.

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