Now Hiring Body Technician!

Do you want to be the best in your industry? 

Do you value continual learning and growth? 

Do you take pride in doing what is right for the customer? 

Do you believe in strong, accurate estimates that reflect the great work you do? 

So do we!  Latuff Brothers is a family owned and operated business that is celebrating its 88th year in business.  It is our family approach of support and caring that sets us apart.  You matter, you are not a number or a commodity.  Come work with family.  Shop is busy year-round thanks to a full-time marketing person, many OEM certifications, and quality DRP’s that all drive work to the door.   

Job Requirements: 

  • Positive attitude. 
  • Desire to learn and grow. 
  • Commitment to doing what is right for the customer, every time. 


  • $35,000-$140,000 (based on production)
  • Full suite of benefits

Technicians of all skill levels are encouraged to apply. 

Come see why Latuff Brothers is truly “better for you, your vehicle, and the environment.“©


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