Scheduling a Vehicle Damage Estimate

Written by Welcome on March 24, 2021

Your vehicle has been damaged. Now what? Many of our customers wonder if they need to file an insurance claim or pay out of pocket. The first step would be to get a free estimate. For our customer’s convenience we offer the option to schedule an office estimate. It can be scheduled by calling the office during business hours or by using our online estimate scheduler at We also offer customers the option to get an idea of the cost by sending us photos through our estimate tool at The estimate tool is a cloud app that allows our customers to use a smartphone to go step by step to send photos of the damage. It also allows customer to enter additional information needed to complete an estimate such as the VIN# and contact information. Once you have that information we can help consult with you on next steps. As always, reach out to us if we can be of assistance with dealing with an auto accident and damage to your vehicle.

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