Celebrating 40 Years with the Better Business Bureau

Written by Welcome on April 15, 2019

In 1979 the Latuff Family became a member of the Better Business Bureau.  Did you know that the Minnesota Better Business Bureau was the first BBB?  The BBB is a non profit organization started to give consumers the confidence and trust to work with reputable companies.  We are proud to be members because the BBB provides resources for the consumers to research companies, give feedback about companies, inform consumers about unethical business practices, and work as an independent intermediary between companies and consumers.  We were proud to attend the Better Business Bureau’s 107th Annual Meeting recently.  It was a great honor to be presented with our 40th Anniversary Certificate.  There were more than 120 local business leaders who attended the event held at CHS Field in Downtown St. Paul.  For more information on the BBB of MN and ND go to www.thefirstbbb.org.  We look forward to our continued relationship with the folks at the Better Business Bureau.

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