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Written by Welcome on March 1, 2019

Did you know in Minnesota you have the right to use the parts you’d like to use?  When repairing a car after an accident we can offer our customers a variety of options for parts.  There are New Original Equipment Parts.  These are parts made for your car by the original manufacturer of your vehicle.  These parts are the best quality and also the most expensive.  There are Used Parts.  These are parts from another vehicle salvaged from the same year, make, model of your car.  The pricing can vary based on demand for the various parts.  They are typically less expensive than new.  There is also Aftermarket parts.  Aftermarket parts are made for your vehicle by a company other than the original manufacturer.  They can be a good way to save money on repairs, but can also be of lesser quality.  Within the Aftermarket category there are certified and non-certified.  We only consider using the certified aftermarket.  When it comes to safety features such as air bags we always recommend Original Equipment Parts to ensure your car performs as it was designed to perform in a crash.  If you are having your vehicle fixed we welcome the conversation.  Each repair and vehicle is different and needs to be taken into consideration.

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