My Car Was Just Painted – Now What?

Written by Welcome on November 3, 2017

Was your car recently painted?  When a professional auto body shop repairs and paints your vehicle the paint has already cured when you get the car back.  The paint will continue to “breath” over the next month or two.  To protect the appearance and durability of your new paint job follow the following tips.  For the first 30 days after picking up your vehicle it is recommended to hand wash using a sponge and freshwater only or use a touch-free car wash.   The car washes with brushes could scratch the new paint so avoid those.  Also, be sure to avoid parking underneath trees.  Sap and bird droppings could damage the new paint as well.  In the event you do have sap or bird droppings be sure to rinse off as quickly as possible.  Over the next 3 months with the new paint work do not polish or wax your vehicle.  In general, best practices to keep your car’s paint protected follow the following guidelines.

  1.  Park in a garage or sheltered area when possible.
  2. Never use an ice scraper to remove snow or ice from your hood, roof, or decklid.
  3. Don’t let gas or other chemicals sit on the paint.  (if gas leaks on your car wipe off with water immediately)
  4. Avoid washing your car in the hot sun.
  5. Don’t wipe down your car with a dry towel.
  6. Never use abrasive cleaners, chemicals, or brushes.

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