The Accidental Deer Hunter

Written by Welcome on September 12, 2016

This weekend I was visiting with some friends who were driving at night and came with in inches of hitting a deer.  Knowing I work at an auto body shop they wondered how frequently we repair deer hit vehicles.  Now that we are going into the Fall season we begin to see more and more car and deer collisions.  While it is nearly impossible to completely avoid these collisions.  If you’ve ever been involved in one, it seems that the deer intentionally run into your car.  Below are some tips to lessen the chance of getting involved in an accident with a deer.

  1. Since peak hours are during dusk and dawn for deer to be on the move, avoid driving during these times.
  2. In area’s where there is a deer crossing sign, pay special attention because there is a history of multiple deer seen in those locations.
  3. If you see one deer there will likely be multiple deer since they travel in groups so slow down and be aware.
  4. If you see a deer on or near the road stay in your lane an apply your breaks accordingly to avoid hitting the dear.  Do not swerve because you could create an even more dangerous situation by hitting oncoming traffic or loose control into the ditch.

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