Be Careful Around Snow Plows

Written by Welcome on December 15, 2015

It is mid December.  I’m looking out the window and there is no snow!  We’ve had a pretty mild winter so far but if I know Minnesota winters, we’ll have snow sooner or later.  When it does snow the plows will be out in full force.  Every year there are several incidents with snow plows and cars.  We thought we’d get you some tips on how you can be safe when the snow plows are out.

  1.  When driving keep your distance!  It is recommended that you stay at least 4 car lengths or about 70 feet behind so the plow driver can see you.
  2. Never assume the snowplow driver can see you.  Blowing snow can reduce visibility for the driver.
  3. When it is snowing make sure you have your headlights on, even during the day time.
  4.  Don’t allow children to make snow tunnels on the side of the street.  The snow plow could come by and bury them or hit them.  Plows try to get as close to the curb as they can.

At Latuff Brothers, we wish you a safe and enjoyable winter ahead!






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