Plastic Bumper Welding Repair

Written by Welcome on September 9, 2015

Have you ever noticed that nearly every car today has plastic bumpers?  Do you remember years ago when bumpers were made of chrome or steel?  With current design and fuel efficiency goals for auto manufacturers almost every car now has a plastic bumper.  At our auto body shop we have several customers comment that they don’t make cars like they used to.  All it can take is a light tap on a plastic bumper and you can have damage from paint scratches to dents to a crack.  If you’ve ever had this happen and you go to get an estimate from an auto body shop, you may wonder why they want to replace a cracked bumper versus repairing it.  The answer to that varies based on several factors including the cost of a new bumper, the size of the crack, where the crack is located, any technology on the bumper, and if there are any pieces missing from the bumper.

Plastic bumper welding is performed using a specialized plastic welder.  A plastic welder uses hot air.  This is different than welding steel or aluminum with extreme high heat.  Next a plastic 1/4 inch rod is “melted” into the cracked area of the bumper to create a seal and close the crack.  The next process is to sand, prep, and paint the bumper.  If done correctly, this process creates a seamless repair.  In certain cases the benefits of using plastic bumper welding procedures can include cost savings, a faster repair time, and can be more environmentally responsible.

Just remember, it is your car.  Feel free to ask your auto body shop questions about your options in repairing your vehicle’s bumper versus replacing it with a new bumper.  At Latuff Brothers, we are here to help and answer any questions you have about your repair.


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