Hit and Run

Written by Welcome on April 27, 2015

At Latuff Brothers we see several customers each month who are bringing their car in for auto body work due to a hit and run accident.  It is always difficult to hear these stories but it seems to becoming more common.  Statistics show that 1 in 6 drivers are uninsured.  Also, so many drivers are afraid to file an insurance claim because they are concerned their rates will go up.  They may also be concerned if they’ve had too many accidents that they will be dropped from their insurance company.  Whatever someone’s motivation is for leaving the scene of an accident after accidentally hitting another car it is frustrating to be on the other end.  There have been some instances where we’ve seen our customers catch the person who committed the offense against them.  Here are some ideas of what you can do in case you are the victim of a hit and run.  Cameras are nearly everywhere now.  Contact the business, management property company, or parking ramp to see if they have any video footage of the area at the time of the incident.  Make sure you do this immediately before any potential video is erases.  You can also file a police report to make sure that there is an official record of the accident.  Outside of that there may me a good Samaritan who saw the accident so they may be able to get in touch with you.  In another instance we had a customer stop in for an estimate and the other vehicle left an imprint of the license plate in the bumper.  By placing a sheet of paper and rubbing a crayon we were able to extract the offending driver’s license plate number.  The customer was able to report this to police in order to find the owner of the car that hit theirs.  These ways to catch someone who hit and ran you car are few and far between.  It is at least a way to try so you don’t get stuck with the bill or the claim on your insurance.

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