Super Bowl Car Commercials

Written by Welcome on February 2, 2015

In watching the Super Bowl every year one of my favorite things is to watch the commercials.  Being in the auto body industry I’m particularly drawn to the car commercials.  I clearly remember seeing commercials for Mercedes Benz, Fiat, the Chevy Colorado, and Jeep.  Did you have a favorite?  Do you remember any of these car commercials?  I thought the Fiat with the Viagra pill was the funniest, the Mercedes Benz commercial with the turtle and the hare seemed to be the most technologically and probably most expensively produced commercial, Tom Brady the MVP walked away with the Chevy Colorado, and the Jeep seemed to have a travel the world theme.  When I woke up the next day from the Super Bowl and thought about what was my favorite and most memorable.  I ended up coming up with the Jeep commercial.   So Jeep wins my award for best car commercial of the 2015 Super Bowl.  Congratulations Jeep!

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