Self Driving Cars?

Written by Welcome on January 26, 2015

Have you heard about cars that are being designed to drive themselves?  I don’t know how you feel about that.  Personally I enjoy driving and would feel weird about sitting in a car that is automatically driving me to my selected destination.  I realize human error is the cause of so many car accidents, but I would also think that a breakdown in the system that controls auto driving cars would be a disaster beyond comprehension.  Did you hear about the self-driving car built in Silicone Valley?  I heard it was able to drive from California to Las Vegas without anyone driving it.  I then heard it wasn’t able to make it back because it lost all it’s money at the casino!   All joking aside, I was having a conversations with a colleague who really likes the idea of a car that they can punch a destination in the GPS and the car just takes them to their desired location.   They could take a nap, read a book, chat with friends, or just relax.  Whatever the future holds for this technology, I still believe there will be many of us who will still just want to drive their own cars and not rely on a computer to drive us somewhere.

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