Has Your Car Lost Its Luster?

Clay Bar

Clay Bar

Does your car have a gritty lackluster shine? Over time contaminants in the air such as dust, bird droppings, tree sap, rail dust, and acid rain all contribute to the overall reduction of shine and luster your new car paint job had. Do you want to know a secret trick to get that new car shine back? It is called clay bar. What is clay bar you may ask? It is a soft claylike abrasive or exfoliating system for your car. It does not remove the clear coat or paint. It simply removes the contaminants that have accumulated on the surface of your car that does not come off with a regular car wash. Now you may ask how do I do it and what do I need? There are many products you can purchase at your local parts stores such as Napa or O’Reilly. They should have the clay bar, a lubricator, and a microfiber towel. When you rub your hand across the surface of your vehicle it will feel bumpy.

1) Start with a cool and clean car.
2) Spray the lubricant on the surface of your car one panel at a time.
3) Lightly glide the clay across the finish of the car until the area feels completely smooth.
4) If you see dark smudges in the clay, knead and fold the clay to a clean surface.
5) Dry the area with the microfiber towel.

Once you’ve completed this clay bar process you are ready to protect it with a hand wax. When the wax is completed you should see your car shine like new and the surface of the car will be super smooth to the touch. Be aware this process simply restores the luster and shine to your cars paint job but will not remove scratches or damage. We hope you enjoy your car as much as we enjoy repairing our customer’s cars to their original condition after a fender bender.

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