Claim or No Claim

Written by Welcome on March 13, 2017

To file an auto claim or not to file a claim.  That is the question.  When someone is in an accident or fender bender that is the question many people ask.  Should you file a claim with your insurance, pay out of pocket, or not repair it at all?  The…Read More

Veterans Day

Written by Welcome on November 11, 2016


This Veterans Day we are reminded how important it is to recognize the service and sacrifice of our military veterans.  We are very thankful for all they have done to help keep our country free and safe.  Back in…Read More

The Accidental Deer Hunter

Written by Welcome on September 12, 2016


This weekend I was visiting with some friends who were driving at night and came with in inches of hitting a deer.  Knowing I work at an auto body shop they wondered how frequently we repair deer hit vehicles.  Now that…Read More

What is your car’s name?

Written by Welcome on April 28, 2016

Do you have a name for your car?  If you don’t you’d be surprised how many people do.  It’s not uncommon for one of our customers to leave their car with us and say “Take care of Betsy for me”.  With the average age of cars on the road approaching…Read More

Spring Detail Special

Written by Welcome on March 28, 2016

Complete Auto Detail $149 ($220 Value)

Schedule an auto detail by May 31st 2016.   $149.00 auto detail includes:  Interior Detail, shampoo and vacuum carpets, condition leather/vinyl, deodorize if requested, clean glass, exterior hand wash, exterior buff, exterior polish, clean tires, tire shine.  Detail takes one business day and must…Read More

I Can’t See!

Written by Welcome on February 22, 2016

I was recently driving on a very cold morning.  I noticed on my way to work two cars that did not clear off their windshield from the frost, ice and snow.  I didn’t think I would ever need to blog about the safety issues with not clearing your windshield before…Read More

Car Totaled?

Written by Welcome on January 27, 2016

With the slick icy Minnesota roads our shop has been seeing several cars that are a total loss.  Have you ever wondered how does a car become a total loss?  How do I handle a total loss situation?  In our experience, there are several factors that go into determining whether…Read More

Be Careful Around Snow Plows

Written by Welcome on December 15, 2015

It is mid December.  I’m looking out the window and there is no snow!  We’ve had a pretty mild winter so far but if I know Minnesota winters, we’ll have snow sooner or later.  When it does snow the plows will be out in full force.  Every year there are…Read More

Accidental Deer Hunter

Written by Welcome on November 17, 2015

It is that time of year in Minnesota when hunters are out to control the deer population.  In the auto body business, that means that the deer are out running across our highways in front of motorists.  It is the month of November when we see the most deer and…Read More

We Lost a Great Friend and Employee

Written by Welcome on October 7, 2015

The year was 1977.  Mike Eiden, a talented auto body technician, joined the Latuff Brothers family.  Over the years, because of his amazing gifts, he managed the parts department, estimated, performed mechanical work, and building maintenance.  Not just a very skilled worker, Mike was loved by all his co-workers.  He…Read More

Plastic Bumper Welding Repair

Written by Welcome on September 9, 2015

Have you ever noticed that nearly every car today has plastic bumpers?  Do you remember years ago when bumpers were made of chrome or steel?  With current design and fuel efficiency goals for auto manufacturers almost every car now has a plastic bumper.  At our auto body shop we have…Read More

Does your car’s paint match?

Written by Welcome on July 2, 2015

Since getting into the auto body industry I’ve been paying more attention to cars on the road.  One thing that stood out to me was how many cars are driving around where you can tell a difference in paint color on the car.  It is obvious that who ever painted…Read More

Hit and Run

Written by Welcome on April 27, 2015

At Latuff Brothers we see several customers each month who are bringing their car in for auto body work due to a hit and run accident.  It is always difficult to hear these stories but it seems to becoming more common.  Statistics show that 1 in 6 drivers are uninsured. …Read More

What is I-CAR Gold Class?

Written by Welcome on April 6, 2015

If you’ve been researching auto body shops you may come across shops advertising I-CAR Gold Class Certification.  If you are not in the auto body industry you may not know what that means.  This blog is designed to help clarify what it is and why you should even care.  I-CAR…Read More

Buying Salvage Title Car?

Written by Welcome on March 30, 2015

Over the years we have customers ask us about buying a salvage title car.  We also have examples of fixing a salvage title car that was in another accident.  This blog’s goal is to shed some light on why someone should seriously consider their options before they end up purchasing…Read More

Certified Female Friendly Body Shop

Written by Welcome on March 23, 2015

Did you know Latuff Brothers Auto Body is certified Female Friendly?  Feedback from our customers say that we are easy to work with, listen to their concerns, and have their best interest in what we do.  It is a culture and philosophy that we want to treat our customers as…Read More